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Your mindset matters. This is the foundation of what we teach. There is incredible power in simply shifting your mindset; shifting your focus to what truly matters most. What we think about and what our focus is on determines everything in our lives.


Three MINDSET tools we encourage you to put into your toolbox for life are:

Fix Your Focus


Turn your focus to what really matters in life. Consider your dreams and goals, your blessings and the people you value most in life. Focus on what is good and positive and you will find that the good and positive will multiply, your relationships will improve and you will find more success in life.  According to Tony Robbins, most people focus on their problems rather than solutions.  A shift in focus will open the door to discovering solutions to every problem.  Also, shift from being a window rather than a mirror.  A mirror is only focused inward and on self.  A window is open to seeing the world around and focusing on others as well as self.  And, sometimes, focusing on self if very important.  Focus on self care, healing, meditation and finding peace and love within.  

List Gratitudes


Turn on a favorite song and spend the duration of that song listing as many things as possible that you are grateful for. This one small act is often all it takes to shift your mindset into a positive, powerful, gratitude and growth mindset.  

Getting into the habit of gratitude journaling, seeking and seeing beauty in every situation, recalling the lessons learned through hardships and trials, and focusing on the blessings helps us to feel grounded and peace.  What are you feeling grateful for today?  

Media Management


The right kind of media can uplift and empower us. Become a masterful manager of the type of media you consume and the amount of time you spend on media. Avoid media addiction by limiting time and setting up guidelines for yourself regarding when you and how long you can use it. Embrace quiet, tech free moments everyday. 

Also, utilize empowering and inspiring media to assist you in your life journey.  Apps such as Insight Timer, Calm, Tapping Solutions, etc. are all excellent.  Learning a new language on DuoLingo, listening to enriching audiobooks on the free library Overdrive app or Audible, as well as great podcasts.  We recommend On Purpose by Jay Shetty or his book, Think Like a Monk.  

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

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