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There are too many young people dealing with mental illnesses, bullying, lack of confidence and a sense of self worth.  As we work with schools; our goal is to develop a supportive community within that school among faculty, staff and students; lingo that can be shared and understood among peers where they know what to ask and what to say to lift one another up and support each other.  We strive to develop unity, empathy and kindness among young people and offer motivation for getting involved in positive impact projects as individuals, groups and as a school.  We can develop a program that works best with your school including assemblies, teacher/staff trainings, parent nights, establishing a Club MECKA, AnyKidCan program, train parent volunteers, etc.  For more information:

What is Club Mecka?

Club MECKA is a before or after school or community club that teaches participants about Mindset, Energy, Confidence, Kindness and Action and 8 awesome simple, yet effective tools that will assist them for the rest of their lives.  Club meetings help participants build confidence through learning communication skills, and about the rest of the 7 C's (Courage, Connection, Choices, Creativity, Compassion, ).  Club meetings are fun and interactive, helps participants make new friends.  

Testimonial: The MECKA message of Mindset, Energy, Confidence, Kindness, and Positive Action is applicable and timely in our schools. We loved having Mel share her message with our 4th graders.  The presentation was engaging! She connected with the kids by encouraging interaction, participation, and reflection. My favorite message was "BE extraordinarily kind!" -Annette Houston, School Counselor, Uintah Elementary.

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Any Kid Can

We are Amazing, singing program

The "We Are Amazing!" program is designed to empower children with vital universal standards as they continue to grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally.  We desire to help children thrive as their hearts are touched, their characters educated and their minds lifted. 

Testimonial: If every school in the nation had the “We Are Amazing!” program... I would be out of a job and that would make me very happy! Every child would have a high self esteem and value themselves as well as others, there would be no need to put others down to make themselves feel better… Wow! What a world it would be! - Judy Wells, International Bullying Prevention Association Motivational Speaker


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