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About Us

Support Team


Mark Barrionuevo

Colorado Springs, CO

General Counsel


I'm passionate about MECKA because I understand the power of thought and that our thoughts can define our destiny and I want everyone's destiny to be a positive one.


Aleesha Merrill

South Weber, UT

I have dealt with mental illness ever since I was a teenager.  I'm excited to be a part of MECKA because I want to spread hope and knowledge in knowing that mental illness doesn't have to define or overtake our lives. 


Stacey Mickelsen

Castle Rock, CO

For me, MECKA is a way of life.  After a traumatic accident in which I lost my leg, I have suffered from PTSD, depression and anziety.  Life throws us curveballs, and in order to rise above them, we need help finding light in the darkness.  I want to help others through their journey. 


Melissa Reyes

San Jose, CA

I support MECKA because I've seen the impact mental illness is having on our world.  I've talked people down from suicide.  I've struggled with unwanted anad invasive thoughts of suicide myself.  Mental illness is no joke and it's time to raise awareness and support others.

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Sarah Rockwood

Monument, CO


Cherie Ormsby Kingi

Hamilton, New Zealand


Julie Turner

Colorado Springs, CO


Rachele Schwieder

Idaho Falls, ID

Tristi Moylan 1.jpg

Tristi Moylan

Logan, UT

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Laurel Craig

Macon, GA

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Alaine Kowalski

New Castle, Australia

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Kari Carlson

Gilbert, AZ


Melody Jensen

Gilbert, AZ


Melody studied leadership development and communications in college and was a presenter in Washington DC.  She traveled around the US presenting leadership conferences teaching thousands of high school students.  She has also presented and led other health and wellness presentations for over 8 years of all ages and group sizes and has taught health and fitness for over 14 years.  She is passionate about teaching meditation, health and wellness in a way that leads to true health, healing, self love and kindness.  Mel loves and cares about individuals of all ages, backgrounds and cultures and because of the dark days she’s experienced regarding her own mental health journey; she wants to shine a light of hope to anyone who might be currently struggling. 

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Tom Jensen

Gilbert, AZ


Tom has worked at organizing programs and events for over 12 years.  He knows how to make experiences run smoothly and effectively.  He is also passionate about MECKA because he has seen the positive changes of individuals as they learn and implement these tools.  He studied in communications in school and has used these practices in his career.  


Marie Wright

Las Vegas, NV


Jenni Hadfield

River Heights, UT

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Tara Reilley

Rigby, ID

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Vincent Coats

South Ogden, UT


Lisa Schader

San Jose, CA


Niels & Olivia Johnson

Ogden, UT


Wendy Jensen

Moapa, NV

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Brooke McCormick

Salt Lake City, UT

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