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Positive Impact Awards and Grants Program

This prestigious award is given to those who complete 12 or more hours of personal development by reading or listening to books, attending conferences, learning new skills, listening to podcasts, online courses and webinars, etc. They must also complete a Positive Impact Project of their creation and choosing and document in a way of their choosing their journey to completing their personal development hours and their project. This award will be excellent for putting on resumes, job applications, the Positive Impact Grant application and giving them quality experience to help them in their future.


Three steps to Earning the Positive Impact Award:

Complete 12 or more hours of personal growth/personal development.  This can be studying books, podcasts, learning new skills, taking an online course, webinars, etc.

Come up with a Positive Impact Project.  This can be something that improves the life of one person, a group of people, the environment, animals, a community, etc.  Complete project as best as possible.

Document and share your personal growth and your Positive Impact project.  You can write about it, take and share photos with captions, create a video.  Just be creative!  Send to MECKA and the award is yours!  Congratulations!

To qualify for a Positive Impact scholarship or grant, the applicant must first receive the Positive Impact award and have developed a creative request for and explanation of how they will utilize the grant for helping to leave a positive impact in their life. The scholarship/grant can be used for a multiple of opportunities including college, trade school, attending conferences and trainings, certification programs, funding internships and volunteer and humanitarian work and starting a small business.


For information on how to apply, please email:

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