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MECKA Virtual School Presentation Series

Purchase and Receive a series of 18 interactive and inspiring video presentations.  These presentations are designed to teach students, teachers and staff life long tools and principles about the power of positive Mindset, managing Energy, being Confident, showing Kindness to others and ourselves, and positive daily Action as well as wellness, meditation, stress management, communications and much more.  Each classroom can show the videos on the time table you choose.  Each video (approximately 15-18 minutes in length) ends with questions for class discussion or an interactive activity. 


Overview of Sample (Tentative) Modules:

Module 1: An Introduction to MECKA-Mindset, Energy, Confidence, Kindness and Action

Module 2: All about Mindset and teaching the tool (TTT)-Fix Your Focus

Module 3: The Power of Gratitude and An Intro to the Positive Impact Awards Program

Module 4: Mental Health-What it’s all about and how to help your mind be healthy

Module 5: All about Energy and TTT- Move and Meditate for your MECKA

Module 6: Cells Care/Self Care: Movement, Nutrition, Hydration, Meditation/Rest

Module 7: TTT- Media Management and using Media as a Mood Modifier

Module 8: All about Confidence and letting go of Disempowering Cs

Module 9: Confidence and Embracing Empowering Cs

Module 10: Communication: Body Language, Tone, Posture, Self Defense

Module 11: Heroes and Helpers and Prevention

Module 12: Understanding and Processing Trauma in a Healthy Way

Module 13: All about Kindness and the 10K a day Challenge

Module 14: The Pringles Principle: Gratitude and Generosity

Module 15: CTFAR Model (as taught by Brooke Castillo)

Module 16: Simple and Effective Techniques for Meditation

Module 17: All about Action and TTT: The Five Second Rule (as taught by Mel Robbins)

Module 18: Making a Difference: YOU are a Hero and Helper

MECKA Virtual School Presentation Series

  • Q: What all comes with this presentation series?

    A: You'll recieve 18 videos that can be shown during the time you choose:  daily, weekly, bi-weekly and you'll have access to them through the entire school year.  You'll also recieve a survey for your students to complete before, during and after the presentations to rate it's effectiveness as well as printable worksheets, flyers and handouts for your students.  

    Q: Will we recieve support if we encounter technical issues?

    A: Yes!  We are here to serve and support you and while we can't guarantee you'll have no issues, we do guarantee that we will do our best to help and support you along the way.  Our biggest goal is to provide you and your school with the most positive experience.  

    Q: Who is the intended audience of these presentations?  

    A:  These videos are created to speak to secondary (junior high and high school)  students as well as the staff and teachers.  The hope is that teachers and their students will develop communication and understanding to support each other and those students and teachers who are experiencing mental health struggles.  We are hoping to have an elementary program ready by the end of 2021.

    Q: Can we reuse these videos year after year?  

    A: The fee covers the use of the videos for one school calendar year.  We will update them each year and the hope is that schools will share the MECKA message year after year helping students/staff solidify the skills, tools and concepts being taught.  

    Q: How can I get more information?

    A: You can reach out to our email at: and 719.310.2209

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