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MECKA Monthly Newsletter. May 2021

My favorite Yoga pose is the corpse pose!

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness month? So, what are you doing to take care of your own mental health, wellness and well being? We recommend: Taking time to get plenty of positive pauses each day. Even just 30 stops to take a deep breath can help realign your focus and create stillness and peace. Right now, pause reading this and just reach up tall and lean side to side to get a good stretch for your body. Think about dogs and cats and how often they move and stretch their bodies. Our bodies are incredible and when we walk them (or move them) and stretch them out, they feel better. Yoga is pretty rad too! ;-) In fact, in a recent visit with my psychologist, we were talking about how beneficial and healing Yoga can be for the mind, spirit and body and she (someone who's not only an awesome psychologist but also a certified Yoga instructor) told me that the pose done at the very end of class (referred to as Savasana or corpse pose) where you're simply lying on your back relaxing every part of your body actually symbolizes death and rebirth. It's honestly my favorite pose and time of class, but I never realized that it resembled that and now, I love it even more because we all know how important fresh starts, new beginnings and re-births can be! You don't need to be in a Yoga class to have one though; this very moment can be a moment we decide to feel renewed, start over and try again with a brighter perspective.


Our next virtual 21 day wellness bootcamp starts June 7th and we invite YOU to join us!

Are you looking to improve your health, mindset, confidence and wellness habits? Join us for the 2nd annual MECKA virtual wellness bootcamp for a very inspiring, unique, healthy, interactive experience. It's such a fun way to learn and grow and make new friends through the process. This coaching bootcamp is done through the Marco Polo app which allows for flexibility in your schedule. Each day, Monday-Friday you'll receive 15-20 minutes of mental health and wellness coaching (it's fun, motivating and lots of learning). This will be our first time to feature some new guest speakers in addition to the traditional coaching. In addition, to this coaching, there will be optional coaching available teaching nutrition, movement and meditation. You'll also have the option/opportunity to be in an accountability group with fellow bootcampers to help keep you motivated to implement the habits and goals you choose to work on. Moving forward, we plan to offer just two bootcamps for the year. The next one will be January of 2022. The second virtual wellness bootcamp for this year starts June 7th-27th. Sign up now to take advantage of the early bird rate for only $49. All people 16 and older, are invited to come and we'd LOVE to have you! Visit our website for more information and to register at -"I absolutely love the bootcamp and feel like it gave me back 10 years of life!" -Nancy L.


We are piloting a Virtual School Presentation Series program teaching students and teachers mental health, wellness, healing and compassion...

I recently met with a junior high/high school principal. She said in her 21 years of education, this year (with Covid) she's seen more students struggling then in her 20 years prior combined. We want to help and are piloting a brand new, MECKA School Presentation series in 2021-2022 that can be used anywhere in the world. Schools that sign up will receive a minimum of 18 short video presentations that will end with discussion questions or an interactive activity for the class and teacher to do together. These presentations are designed to help students (and teachers) who are struggling with anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm, confidence, etc. We will teach about the MECKA concepts (Mindset, Energy, Confidence, Kindness and Action) as well as wellness, meditation, tools to assist our mental/physical health, gratitude, understanding and healing trauma as well as communications. To see more details and a list of the modules click here. If you have connections to schools, we would love any help. The program cost for the whole year is only $997. Even if a school can't afford that, we'll work with them (even offer for free) because the need is immense and the message and education is so important. We'll be offering a version for homeschool families as well. Discover More


Monthly coaching launching in June! Support MECKA while also receiving a monthly dose of MECKA coaching.

Join the monthly MECKA coaching for a dose of positive mindset and wellness coaching straight to your inbox. You'll also be supporting our mission of spreading mental health, wellness, healing, compassion and suicide prevention. For your support of $5, $15 or $50 dollars a month (pay what you can) you will start receiving your monthly ray of positivity and real life learning to your in-box. Thank you so much for your support! Sign up!


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